If you’re going to Cancun to party…


Cancun is great because you can enjoy the beaches but you can also club every night like you’re in Vegas. When I went in 2016, my friends and I purchased a package with an open bar ticket to a different club for every night we were there. The clubs were great and the people were great but here are some tips for when you go:

There are street vendors near and on the strip where all the clubs are trying to sell you entrances to the clubs and no line tickets, etc. All of these are very valid and safe but don’t spend time trying to shop the deal: all of these people are selling the same things for the same prices because they all work for the same person. So if you come across someone trying to sell you any of these passes/tickets for an extremely cheap price compared to everyone else, it’s 99% likely to be a scam.



Street vendors selling anything from clothes, to jewelry, to anything else you can think of will try to rip you off, especially if you look like a gringo. While you should always try to bargain with them, be careful to not insult them by lowballing. A good way to decide how much to offer is to think about in dollars how much you would pay for it, and then offer that amount in pesos. Don’t just be like I only got 10 pesos if they’re asking for 100. They might pop off, and rightfully so. When shopping around with street vendors, buying multiple things will give you a better chance of getting a lower price as well.  The trick is to set a price you are willing to pay and walk away if they’re not willing to sell it to you at that price. So if you aren’t ready to walk away, you might want to readjust the price you set for yourself. My go to line is “I only have (insert amount of money you want to pay).”


Don’t get into any drunken fights in public. You will most likely get arrested and if you don’t speak fluent Spanish, you’ll forusre get taken to jail and possibly extorted. The Mexican police knows that a lot of Americans come to Mexico just to get drunk and do drugs so they’re ready to make an arrest and ask for money in exchange for letting you go. If you’re traveling on a budget, paying a cop $300 so you don’t have to go to Mexican jail will probably leave you dry and you won’t even get to enjoy the rest of your trip. Long story short, don’t fight in public or anywhere where someone can call the police.