Top tips for finding cheap airfare

1. Forget your dream destination

When you’re looking to travel on a budget, don’t get stuck on one or two places. Limiting your search to places could leave you locked out of finding good deals. Search a bunch of different places, you might find yourself on an adventure you never would’ve thought up before for the LOW.

2. Be flexible

Getting locked into certain dates will stop you from finding good deals. Some times are just more popular and more expensive than others. Start by searching random dates in all 4 seasons. From there, choose the cheapest one and then narrow down from that season which month you find to be the cheapest.

3. Travel on Tuesdays

You don’t actually have to travel on Tuesdays. But the point here is that you don’t want to search for a flight that leaves or arrives on a Friday – Monday. Those tend to be the most expensive. Start your search by looking for dates like Tuesday – Wednesday or Tuesday – Thursday for a longer trip.

4. Make a short drive to a nearby airport

Try searching for flights that leave and arrive from a nearby airport. Even an airport hours away could be worth it if you can save a couple hundred. Search for all the airports in the country you are landing in. Instead of landing in the capital you might fly into a smaller airport with cheaper fare. When using Kayak and other search sites, you have the “include nearby airports” option you can check when searching to include flights that fly into near by airports.

5. Search far, wide, and often

Search through a bunch of different search engines. You will find that some are cheaper than others. The only way to be able to recognize a cheap flight is if you know kind of what the standard is. Search often, even if you aren’t planning to buy soon, so you see what price you can expect and then spot a good deal.

6. Take advantage of the calendar view on Kayak, Google flights, Momondo, etc

On many flight search sites, there’s an option to expand to view the whole month and the prices for each day. Expand that calendar to see when the best day to leave/return is. Screenshot 2018-01-03 13.52.33