Where To Cut Corners For A Cheap Vacation

If you really want to make the trip but still don’t feel like you have enough, there’s a way to cut corners on spending to make your vacation extra cheap.

Go cheap on your living accommodations.

Opt out of a $40-100 a night hotel in the city center and look for what you can score for a single room on the outskirts. Look on Airbnb or look for a hostel if you want to save even more money. In a lot of countries you’ll find hostels with stays as cheap as $6 a night. Most hostels offer a private room option if you are traveling with bae or just want to have a private room. Instead of spending $500-600 on hotels for a week long vacation you can spend anywhere from $50-175 depending on what country you’re in, and you’ll save about $350.

Eat like a local

Avoid touristy restaurants, they’ll be more expensive. Hit the streets near where you’re staying the first day and see what small, local businesses are around. Depending where you are, you can be getting whole means for $6-$12 bucks instead of $30+ at restaurants. Spending $12 on each meal over a week instead of $25 will save you about $200 bucks.



Talk to locals and take advantage of free stuff

Talking to the coffee guy you pass every morning leaving your hotel or the store cashier at the store you got shampoo from could help you discover things that aren’t on tripadvisor. Ask where their favorite place to eat around there is, what is a must see before you go, etc.  Additionally, look up national parks or monuments and take advantage of the free sights. Spend a day relaxing on the beach, hike to a waterfall or go to the historic city center and enjoy a day of not spending money.


If you follow these recommendations, you could save around $500.



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